Observe and orchestrate your IT operations with ManageEngine product integrations.

Keep any endpoint in technicians' reach within the service desk.

  • Troubleshoot without borders by taking control of workstations from right within a ticket.
  • Overcome daunting distributions across the enterprise by automating patch deployment and software installation from the service desk console.
  • Simplify mobile device management tasks, such as pushing device usage policies or configuring profiles, without toggling between applications.
Enterprise desktop management integration
Enterprise network monitoring software integration

Resolve network issues before they become a problem.

  • Maintain maximum business uptime by automatically logging tickets when any network monitor alarm is triggered.
  • Automatically categorize, prioritize, and assign incoming tickets to ensure minimum disruptions.
  • Speed up resolution of recurring network bottlenecks through the private knowledge base within ServiceDesk Plus.

Stay mindful of the applications and infrastructure that power your business.

  • Minimize business downtime by instantly converting any application or server performance anomalies into tickets and alerting the appropriate technician group.
  • Avoid redundancy by automatically closing tickets in ServiceDesk Plus when the issue is resolved.
Enterprise application manager integration
Enterprise active directory management integration

Save time and effort by performing routine AD activities from a single console.

  • Simplify user management by creating and deleting users in AD, modifying their permissions, and a lot more without ever stepping out of the request ticket.
  • Speed up AD account unlocks for users by listing that offering in the service catalog or as an incident template.
  • Empower users to manage personal details, reset passwords, and handle other tasks on their own.

Align IT monitoring metrics and business KPIs using advanced analytics.

  • Back your enterprise business decisions with real-time insights and powerful reports generated using just a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Share the right information and visualizations with the right people through role-based access to dashboards.
  • Keep your ITSM performance in check effortlessly with out-of-the-box analytics for ServiceDesk Plus modules, including incidents, changes, and projects.
Enterprise ITSM analytics integration
Enterprise password management integration

Eliminate security lapses with privileged password sharing for enterprises.

  • Minimize access risks by ensuring technicians can access authorized privileged passwords only with a valid ticket ID.
  • Bolster authorization further as per business needs by defining custom criteria validation before sharing access to passwords.
  • Save time by automating the authentication process while troubleshooting user assets remotely from the service desk.
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