Perform more tasks with less effort with powerful, automated workflows.

Deliver resilient, scalable service experiences with request and problem life cycles.

  • Provide standardized service experiences by visually designing unique life cycles for requests and problems.
  • Enhance process effectiveness by using transitions to guide technicians through the ticket life cycle.
  • Trigger custom actions, including performing activities in external enterprise resources, during various stages of transitions.
Enterprise ITSM workflow lifecycle automation
Enterprise ITSM workflow platform

Remove process gaps and delays with change and release workflows.

  • Improve rollout efficiency during changes and releases with the drag-and-drop workflow builder.
  • Build workflows with various stages, statuses, conditional branching, and field updates to visually map the entire possible journey of a ticket.
  • Deploy mission-critical solutions fast through automated approvals, notifications, and other updates from within the workflow.
  • Keep an eye on the big picture with real-time, visual tracking of the change and release workflow progress.

Optimize internal processes across all functions of the enterprise.

  • Streamline your request management process by configuring simple rules and automating any complex logical flows.
  • Extend workflows beyond the service desk with triggers and custom actions, automate cross-module activities, and even perform external tool functions.
Enterprise help desk workflow process
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