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A commercial law firm chooses ServiceDesk Plus as the service management platform for all its non-IT needs.

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Service management excellence for non-IT departments

This global law firm with expertise in insurance and commercial dispute resolutions operates 43 offices in 24 countries. It required streamlined service delivery for its extensive finance operations (FinOps), which were based out of an Outlook inbox. The Outlook setup was unorganized and led to several delays caused by difficulties in tracking email requests.

The FinOps team has several teams under it, such as Billing, Credit Control, Database, Cashiers, Client Reporting and Insights, and Tax. With teams working in 43 locations, there are numerous site-specific processes, automations, and customizations. When FinOps were streamlined, the firm decided to expand ServiceDesk Plus to manage services for two other departments: Risk and Compliance as well as Secretariat. ManageEngine helped implement them using ServiceDesk Plus' built-in ESM capability.

One of the key requirements for the Secretariat Department was to replicate its unique routing mechanism for requests. The firm has international partner law firms that function independently. It assigns a specific technician as the single point of contact for partner firms from each region. Therefore, the ticket is routed to the right technician, and if the technician is unavailable, the ticket is delegated to the backup technician.

Knowledge transfer sessions for non-IT departments

Since the law firm's IT Department would be responsible for technical upkeep of the platform, ManageEngine presented a proof of concept for all functions before implementation. Furthermore, with the platform being used by non-IT departments, including Risk and Compliance as well as Secretariat, we conducted multiple training sessions that offered various informative materials.

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