Streamline business services across the enterprise with ServiceDesk Plus ESM.

Standardize service delivery for business teams within minutes.

  • Spin up unique service desk instances for business functions, with role-based access for users and technicians.
  • Manage the deployment and administration of multiple service desks from a central directory.
  • Use the full-stack service management framework for each business function to streamline service operations.
Enterprise IT service
Enterprise service management

Design better employee experiences with an omnichannel ESM platform.

  • Simplify service accessibility for users with a unified enterprise portal for all departments.
  • Enable users to raise tickets, search for knowledge articles, and view announcements across different service desks from a single place.
  • Customize the enterprise service portal to perfectly match your business requirements.

Automate business processes with visual workflows.

  • Accelerate business service delivery with powerful workflows created on a drag-and-drop canvas.
  • Automate complex business operations and extend non-IT module capabilities with the low-code script builder.
  • Develop connections with any business solution, like an HRMS, and trigger tasks in other applications with webhooks, custom functions, and callback functions.
Enterprise service management system
Enterprise service management software

Monitor and optimize business service delivery with advanced analytics.

  • Analyze any service desk's data and derive insights with the built-in reporting module.
  • Leverage advanced analytics to gain actionable intelligence on your service operations.
  • Visually depict service desk data using a wide range of charts, including tabular and summary reports, and export these to many formats for consumption.
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