Let's explore what Zia's Blended Conversations brings to the table

Conversational AI chatbot workflow

Craft meaningful conversation workflows visually

Create and publish conversation workflows for FAQs on a low-code, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop canvas.

Chatbot conversation examples

Help users contextually

Create multiple conversation paths to give users contextual conversation experiences to get the support they need.

Conversational AI software

Empower users to do more with Zia

Allow users to perform service desk actions, like browsing solutions, creating tickets, and viewing existing tickets–all from within the Zia chat box.

Advanced conversational AI

Provide additional help when users need it

Enable users to request a live technician for help when their questions go beyond prebuilt workflows.

So how do you build your own conversation workflow?

Blended Conversation is available under

Setup > Zia > Zia Chatbot > Blended Conversation.

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  • Conversational AI for enterprises
  • Admin guide

    Read detailed, step-by-step instructions to configure Zia's Blended Conversations.

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  • Conversational AI chatbot tutorial
  • Tutorial

    Watch our tutorial video to learn more about Zia's Blended Conversations.

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Now that you know how to build your workflow, learn how you can put it into practice

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