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With a wide range of process automations and code-free customizations, the incident management module from ServiceDesk Plus helps handle all incidents efficiently and restore IT service interruptions in no time. The incident management capabilities include the following:

  • Multi-modal ticket creation
  • Automatic application of SLAs
  • Auto assigning of tickets based on incoming ticket criteria
  • Built-in knowledge base
  • Custom closure rules
  • Automated notifications
  • Real-time help desk dashboard
  • Custom and out-of-the-box reports
  • Native mobile apps

Empower your end users to resolve trivial issues, access knowledge articles, track ticket status, and manage approvals with a customizable self-service portal. ServiceDesk Plus also lets you create custom self-service portal URLs for easy access by the end users. Other self-service portal features of ServiceDesk Plus include:

  • A completely customizable look and feel
  • Role-based access to knowledge base articles
  • Organization wide and role-based announcements
  • Live notifications
  • Easy approvals by end users

List all the services your IT help desk offers by constructing a thorough IT service catalog. Given below are some features in ServiceDesk Plus that can help you build an effective IT service catalog and redefine end-user experience.

  • Create custom templates specific to each service by using a drag and drop interface.
  • Associate SLAs, approval mechanisms, tasks, and workflows to requests.
  • Present only those services that the end users are entitled to or those that are relevant to their role.
  • Provide easy access to the service catalog via the self-service portal.
  • Automate the communication mechanism to keep end users updated on the status of their requests.

Become a global help desk and enable easy service delivery across various sites with a wide range of multi-site support capabilities in ServiceDesk Plus such as:

  • Defining custom regions and sites.
  • Configuring default or site-specific settings such as operational hours, holidays, time zones, departments, and SLAs.
  • Associating technicians and user groups and sharing request templates, announcements, and knowledge base articles to specific sites.

Ensure higher end user satisfaction levels by defining appropriate SLAs and making sure that services are delivered on time, and incidents are resolved well within SLAs. ServiceDesk Plus helps you ensure maximum SLA compliance with the following features:

  • Ability to create site-specific incident and request SLAs
  • Auto assigning of SLAs to tickets based on incoming ticket parameters
  • Multi-level escalations, with custom templates for response time SLA, and resolution time SLA escalations.
  • Automatic reassignment of tickets to other technicians or support groups, and resetting of ticket parameters like priority on SLA escalations.

Reinventing the wheel every single time can drain out a lot of your team's productive time. The built-in knowledge base in ServiceDesk Plus saves you this trouble by helping you document knowledge resources within your help desk. ServiceDesk Plus also lets you:

  • Create knowledge articles on a rich text editor and provide role-based access to end users and technicians.
  • Have a streamlined approval process to ensure the quality of knowledge articles.
  • Organize articles under topics and enable advanced keyword search for easy accessibility of articles.

Save the trouble of shuttling between locations and buildings to diagnose incidents by establishing remote control over the end user machine right from your desk. With ServiceDesk Plus, you can:

  • Establish remote control over end user workstations using the windows remote desktop tool, by installing light weight agents, or through third-party integrations like Dameware.
  • Take control of workstations remotely through VNC (Virtual Network Computing) servers if your organization already has VNC installed across all workstations.

Delayed and wrong assignments of tickets and unassigned tickets in queue can lead to longer resolution times, which can impact end-user satisfaction. ServiceDesk Plus ensures that your IT help desk stays clear of such hurdles by:

  • Creating business rules to handle tickets based on incoming ticket parameters.
  • Assigning tickets automatically to technicians based on round robin or load balancing algorithms.
  • Enabling exception of tickets based on their parameters and excluding technicians from ticket auto assign whenever necessary.

With all incident management processes set right, you can create a continuous measurement process to monitor the performance of your IT help desk and steer your team towards help desk excellence. ServiceDesk Plus equips your help desk with the following reporting and advanced analytical capabilities,

  • Generate out-of-the-box reports on all pending or completed tickets based on parameters such as department, level, mode, priority, requester, technician, category, and request date.
  • Monitor technician performance by generating reports on SLA compliance.
  • Get a quick overview of your help desk performance with real-time IT help desk dashboards.
  • Create custom help desk reports without the need for any coding.
  • Schedule reports and share them with end users across the organization automatically.
  • Generate query reports easily to deep dive into your help desk data to gain performance insight.
What Customers Say
We’ve been able to attain a high level of incident management maturity with ServiceDesk Plus in a very short amount of time. Automated workflows, best practices out of the box, hassle-free communication, and high user satisfaction have helped us to achieve a world-class help desk solution at TPS.
IT infrastructure manager
TPS Nedvizhimost, Moscow
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