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Manage & Configure

ServiceDesk Plus gives you everything you need to manage your IT. It gives you everything as one single package and helps in getting it configured in less span of time.

Email Configuring

Get everything at one place: ServiceDesk Plus brings your entire help desk requests at one single place- say through email, phone call, web form or any other means, and makes it easier to handle. Helps to maintain uniformity in the way these requests are managed.

Setting all the essentials in place

When your organizations expand, it is necessary to manage the helpdesk requests from all different sites within a single helpdesk tool. ServiceDesk Plus allows you to manage requests from all your sites across the globe yet manage it as a separate entity. This helps to have different workflows for each site you have configured.


Define your workflow- Dispatch, Prioritize, Group & Inform

Helpdesk Request

Every organization will have its own workflow in managing the request. ServiceDesk Plus allows you in bringing out your workflow by having classifications based on the type of issue, SLAs & escalations based on the prioritization & scope of support, grouping of technicians based on expert levels and other various alerts to notify users & technicians.

Request Classification

Save time; automate the request dispatch:

Business Rules helps you to classify and dispatch the requests automatically with various category selection & assigns to different technicians immediately after the requests are created. This helps you save time in assigning these manually with the help of a helpdesk coordinator.


Define SLA & prioritize:

Service Level Agreements helps you in prioritizing the requests accordingly & setting up various escalation levels. It also helps in improving the customer satisfaction by giving resolution within the desired time limit.

Get the experts work on request

Get the experts work on request :

Technician groups helps you in routing the complex issues to the right set of expert technicians and getting it resolved faster.


Keep the users in the loop:

Notification Rules help your users get a feel that their requests are created in the helpdesk tool and it is been analyzed by the technicians. It helps to reduce the emails sent by the users asking for the request updates.

Stay Connected

Go Mobile & Stay connected:

Meeting the expectation of the end-users is very tough and it becomes even tougher when the technicians are not available to attend the request. ServiceDesk Plus helps the technician to stay connect with the helpdesk by providing SMS notifications as well as iPhone/PDA support.
This helps the technicians to work on high priority tickets even when they are on their round trips.


Look Feel

Get a new look & feel:

It′s YOUR helpdesk and you are the decision maker. Making changes in your login page, colors or the logos, you are always free to do that.

Forms; make it quick & easy: Customize & make it easy for the users to fill in the request information. Giving a request form with minimal inputs will make the users fill in their requests easily and without any hesitation.

Form Customizations

Create various form templates for the issues which are frequently reported and save time in filling in the requests. Help technicians to spend time more on issue fixing than filling in the request forms.

Users & Portal

Getting The Users

Getting the users in:

Pull the user information easily from directory services or a CRM application and allow the users to use the same login information as their windows login.

Access The Portal

Access the portal:

Inform all users about their login credentials once the user information is added. Being complete web-based software, no agent installation is required in the user PCs and they can connect to their portal using a browser.

Working on Requests


Format & be a Pro:

Make your support replies consistent and well formatted with relevant attachments & links. ServiceDesk Plus helps you to define your reply template and send your replies with necessary picture aids and formatting


History; that’s all you need :

Make it easy to understand the request history by maintaining the complete conversation within the requests. This includes all email conversation between the requester and the technician as well as the email alerts sent during the request update.

Charge back the technicians:

Keep track of the hours that the technicians have worked on a request and charge the technicians back for these hours.

Remote & Fix: For complex issues, ServiceDesk Plus helps you to remote control the workstation and fix immediately.

Post Closure Review

Satisfaction Survey

What user’s feel :

Get end-user satisfaction survey and find out where you have failed and what can be done to meet the user expectation.

Performance Report

Reward the technicians:

Get a complete report on the user performance and the response time and reward the technicians. This will again help you in improving the customer support.

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