Dynatrace is a platform that streamlines enterprise cloud monitoring for comprehensive IT infrastructure management.

With the Dynatrace extension in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud, when Dynatrace identifies a problem in the cloud infrastructure, an incident is automatically logged in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. This enables technicians to combine the monitoring power of Dynatrace with incident management capabilities of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.

Unlock efficiency and enhanced visibility in your enterprise:

  • Manage software and IT infrastructure problems
    with a unified console by syncing Dynatrace with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.
  • As soon as a problem is logged in Dynatrace, an incident ticket is generated in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.
  • Update comments for problems logged in Dynatrace from within the incident ticket in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.
  • Synchronize the information between ServiceDesk Plus Cloud and Dynatrace to enhance the speed of addressing incidents within your cloud infrastructure.
Support ticket in Dynatrace
Problem ticket created in Dynatrace
Dynatrace extension with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud
Incident generated in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud from Dynatrace.
Dynatrace cloud infrastructure monitoring
Updated comments logged in Dynatrace from ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.
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