Power up your ITSM integrations with Zoho Flow, the iPaaS platform from Zoho. Kick-start work using a gallery of prebuilt actions. Facilitate actions that are event-triggered, periodic, condition-based, and more. Use the Zoho Flow agent to integrate the on-premises version of ServiceDesk Plus with other applications.

Conditional workflow action

Build straightforward integrations between ServiceDesk Plus and numerous applications like Bitbucket, People HR, Trello and Dynatrace

  • Effortlessly integrate ServiceDesk Plus and external applications.
  • Drag and drop elements on a user-friendly, visual builder to design granular workflows.
  • Automate pre-defined actions sequentially in various applications like Google Calendar, SharePoint, and more.
  • Craft conditional workflows to automate actions in 650+ applications simultaneously.

Initiate event-driven and periodic actions automatically

  • Using app triggers, you can automate event-driven actions. For example, when you create a new record to onboard a new employee in People HR, a new request can be created in ServiceDesk Plus.
  • With schedule triggers, you can execute periodic actions automatically. For instance, IT teams can initiate weekly GoTo Meeting sessions to take stock of their pending tickets.
  • Automate actions in ServiceDesk Plus and other applications when updated data is fetched using webhook triggers.
Event driven applications
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