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ServiceDesk Plus helps you overhaul help desk operations with extensive automations, visual workflows, contextual integrations, and advanced AI capabilities that do not require complex implementation efforts.

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IT help desks experience elevated productivity with ServiceDesk Plus' robust capabilities

Unlock a potential ROI of 352% on your ITSM investments


Total NPV benefits


A swift payback period


Time saved per ticket

Craft impeccable experiences with our feature-rich help desk software

Full stack ITSM suite

Enhance the reliability of your help desk with industry best practices

Infuse industry-recommended best practices in your help desk using ServiceDesk Plus


Free up your IT talent from ticketing workloads by empowering end users

Empower end users to access the help desk across channels and also to self-resolve issues easily.


Improve your help desk efficiency by streamlining routine help desk processes

Automate help desk functions to minimize errors and enhance business value.


Satisfy unique business needs with our highly customizable functionalities

Fine-tune help desk operations with last-mile customizations to cater to unique business functions.

Asset management

Govern your IT asset estate with our cradle-to-grave IT asset management

Manage the entire life cycle of your IT assets from purchase to disposal from your help desk's console.

Native IT integrations

Make your help desk the headquarters with our IT integration portfolio

Widen the spectrum of your help desk operations with our rich, contextual IT integrations.

Business integrations

Fast-track your business functions by accessing business tools from your help desk

Align your help desk management with business requirements by integrating various business applications.

Reports and dashboards

Derive actionable insights by visualizing the state of your help desk

Analyze the critical metrics of your help desk to improve performance with customizable reports and visual dashboards.

Ingrain industry-standard best practices in your help desk solution with ServiceDesk Plus

Release management

Minimize risks to IT releases by looping in the right stakeholders, automating workflows, linking changes and projects, and more.

Asset management

Manage assets from procurement to disposal, loan and replenish assets, track software license compliance, and more from a single console.

Incident management

Ensure swift resolution of incidents by setting deadlines, looping in experts, automating ticket governance processes, and more.

Space management

Track and manage physical spaces in your organizations by capturing fine-grained details, associating requests, allocating assets, and more.

Service Catalog

Shine the spotlight on various business and IT services to ensure smooth service delivery.

Problem management

Investigate the root cause of issues to address frequently recurring incidents and maximize business uptime.


Visualize your IT infrastructure and manage disruptions by mapping configuration items to their associated service dependencies.

Project management

Facilitate and track the progress of projects in tandem with changes and releases visually, manage resources effectively, map the dependencies of tasks, and more.

Change management

Systematize organization-wide changes by using change workflows, roping in change stakeholders, scheduling change windows, and more.

Construct a command center
for your enterprise with our
feature-packed help desk software

Enterprise Service Management

Facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration by unifying business and IT services on a central platform to streamline the delivery of business functions.

Internal help desk ticketing software

Zia, Zoho's AI-enabled assistant

Harness the dexterous capabilities of Zia, our AI-based assistant, to automate help desk functions intelligently.

Internal help desk

Visual Workflows

Visually map entire processes on a user-friendly graphical canvas to streamline service delivery.

RLC canvas

Native integrations with O365 apps

Access your help desk across different business applications like Microsoft Teams, Calendar, and Outlook by integrating ServiceDesk Plus with the Microsoft ecosystem.

Microsoft outlook integration

Advanced analytics

Gain detailed insights by tracking key ITSM metrics graphically to make well-informed business decisions.

Help desk metrics

Last mile customizations

Deliver last mile customization with our no-code and low-code solutions to suit your business requirements.

No code workflow
Internal help desk ticketing software
Internal help desk
RLC canvas
Microsoft outlook integration
Help desk metrics
No code workflow

Businesses realize value faster with our help desk software

ServiceDesk Plus enables businesses to excel in help desk management.

Get a first-hand account from our customers on what they like about ServiceDesk Plus.

"We like the fact that it's all integrated. So instead of working in silos now, we've got about six teams working within the system and accountability of the jobs is much better."

David Brodie

IT service desk coordinator,
Albury city council

"The user-friendly cloud solution with ease of customization. It is well-suited for any size organization and offers great features for managing incidents in our organization."

As reviewed by a group product manager in the healthcare and biotech industry on

"So, from reporting, auditing, and communication amongst the IT team, it became highly visible and improved our efficiency."

Micheal Senator

IT operations manager,

"This tool reduces downtime and helps serve our requests on time and sometimes automatically. This required minimal intervention and helps us to follow best practices with extensive reporting capabilities."

As reviewed by a security engineer in the telecommunication industry on

"SLAs has really turned around our response time and dealing with issues. It also helps with creating our KPIs, making sure that we're getting back to our customers within the SLAs."

Ben Mchardy

Technology and digital experience manager,
Farmlands co-operative society

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