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Discover, track, and manage every
IT asset in your organization

Unified agent for IT asset discovery

Perform versatile asset discovery with the unified agent

IT self service workflow

Discover and track your IT asset landscape with the unified asset discovery agent, which offers enhanced IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities in addition to asset discovery.

Lay the foundations of your ITAM strategy with IT Infrastructure Library best practices:

  • Discover Windows, Linux, and macOS devices by performing agent-based scans.
  • Scan SNMP devices such as printers, network switches, bridges, routers, and more with the network scanning technique.
  • Help your employees remotely and collaborate with technicians over text, voice, and video chat.
  • Deliver exceptional remote support by leveraging the unified agent's remote ITAM capabilities.
  • Manage processes, services, software, users, and more on your organization's remote computers with streamlined system management.

Gain Visibility and Control over Your IT Assets and Costs