Top-notch IT inventory management for informed business decisions

Inventory all your IT and non-IT assets, including your software licenses, with the native IT asset management capabilities of ServiceDesk Plus. Maximize the visibility of your hardware and software assets with multiple discovery modes like Windows domain scan, script scan, agent-based scan, and barcode scanning. Effectively inventory all your hardware and software assets by defining custom product types, products, and product groups. Also, keep track of the key asset financials including their depreciation information. Generate custom reports on your IT asset inventory for effective planning and budgeting.

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Essential features for efficient IT inventory management

Asset discovery and scanning

Automatically scan and discover assets from multiple sites using different scanning techniques such as Windows domain scan, script scan, or agent-based scan.

Asset states

Assign suitable asset states to all the assets in your organization with default Asset States such as In Use, In Store, In Repair, Expired, and Disposed, or create custom states to keep asset data up to date.

Asset groups

Manage assets effectively with better control by categorizing and organizing them into custom asset groups based on set criteria.

Asset loans

Maximize asset utility by marking assets as loanable, and track them from the time of issue to return.

Asset tracking

Monitor all your assets in the inventory easily throughout their entire life cycle from procurement to disposal, and schedule automated periodic scans and configure alerts for software updates, license expiries, depreciation, and more.


Build visual relationship maps for users, assets, and configuration items (CIs) with relationship types and dependencies, and identify potential impacts on CIs from incidents, problems, and changes.

Analytics and reports

Use your stats to make better business decisions and ensure consistent audit-readiness with custom, query, and preconfigured reports. Drill down to get the most accurate numbers and manage assets efficiently.

Software asset management

Centralize all your software asset data and manage it effectively with predefined custom statuses; software type such as freeware or malware; details on purchase including vendor, cost, license expiry, and depreciation; automate periodic scans on individual assets; and stay updated on the status of each asset.

Hardware asset management

Build an inventory of all your hardware assets including Windows machines, virtual machines (VMs), and network devices with easy automatic scanning and tracking with periodic alerts. Maintain comprehensive asset data such as hardware specifications, software installed on them, asset ownership, and status for easy access and visibility into assets.

Awards & Recognitions

Check out these best practices for an ace IT inventory management with ServiceDesk Plus:

  • Move on from using spreadsheets to store data, which is prone to errors, and build an inventory to store all asset information centrally.
  • Take control over all your software and hardware assets with auto-scans using multiple sources such as agents; Windows, network, or distributed scans; and barcodes.
  • Categorize assets into Asset Types, Product Types, and custom Asset Groups for easier tracking.
  • Monitor assets throughout their entire life cycle from procurement to disposal by assigning Asset States to mark the status of assets, mapping user workstations, and using Asset Loans.
  • Analyze potential impacts on CIs, and make better business decisions with the CMDB, which allows you to visualize the assets in your inventory, their relationships with each other, and their corresponding IT services.
  • Track asset depreciation and other costs with features such as Depreciation, Cost Center, and GL codes.
  • Manage all your asset purchases and control your IT spending. Stay updated on IT purchases with details on vendors, approvals, invoices, payments, and associated assets.

Other ITSM processes available in ServiceDesk Plus

  • IT asset management

    Easily discover, track, and manage IT and non-IT assets, and keep tabs on software licenses, cost , depreciation, purchase details, and more.

  • IT incident management

    Swiftly recover from interruptions and service breakdowns by logging, tracking, and managing IT incidents effectively with our PinkVERIFY-certified incident management process.

  • IT problem management

    Identify underlying issues in incidents, record symptoms, and provide workarounds and solutions easily.

  • IT change management

    Design and implement IT changes with minimal risk using customizable change workflows. Convert incidents and problems into changes easily, log new changes, and manage IT changes efficiently.

  • Enterprise service management

    Extend proven IT service management (ITSM) best practices to departments like HR and facilities with rapid-start enterprise service desk capabilities.

  • Advanced analytics

    Get to the bottom of your ITSM processes, and analyze their performance with accurate, customizable, and easy-to-extract reports.

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