6 IT help desk lessons
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Six IT help desk lessons from the casinos of Vegas

Inefficient process planning and unplanned executions can disrupt IT service delivery and even bring business to a halt. With huge financial costs and business continuity at stake, handling an IT help desk can be a lot like gambling at a casino. Casinos can teach us a lot about ITSM, like how to manage a bankroll and when to put on a poker face. In this webinar, we'll go all in to teach you the parallels between the casinos of Vegas and ITSM best practices.

What you'll learn:

  • IT service delivery tips and tricks
  • ITSM best practices
  • ServiceDesk Plus's ITSM capabilities

Who should attend:

  • IT admins and team members who are looking for ways to improve their help desk performance
  • IT help desk teams who wish to implement ITSM best practices
  • IT help desk teams who are interested in exploring the ITSM capabilities of ServiceDesk Plus

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