The primary goal of any service desk is to restore normal business operations at the earliest possible, and with a minimum business impact. Consequently, managing the incoming tickets is fundamental to implementing an efficient incident management process in your organization.

A typical incident resolution process follows these steps:

Incident resolution process workflow

However, this doesn't always work this way. There are multiple hurdles at every step.

In the next few topics, we will look at all possible hurdles that you could face while managing a service desk and how you can use ServiceDesk Plus to overcome them.

  1. Incorrect Ticket Assignment
  2. Prolonged Resolution Time
  3. Recurrent Tickets
  4. Frequent SLA Violations
  5. Poor Customer Communication
  6. Duplicate Tickets
  7. Metrics that Matter

Recurrent Tickets

Reduce recurring issues

Often, service desks are flooded with issues that have been already resolved. This could be because the solutions suggested did not work, or the issue wasn't thoroughly investigated and resolved fully.

Re-opening tickets not only reflects poorly on the service desk, it also adds to ticket backlogs, skewing the overall productivity and efficiency metrics. We will discuss metrics in detail in a later topic.

Moreover, when minor incidents are not resolved, they can lead to major incidents and cause considerable business impact. Minor, but recurrent, issues must be logged as problems so that they can be analyzed thoroughly and a resolution rolled out.

One of the reasons why technicians may suggest poor solutions or fixes that may not work could be due to lack of technical knowledge or an up-to-date knowledge base.

ServiceDesk Plus enables you to easily create knowledge base articles that can be reviewed and approved. Technicians can also easily add the suggested resolutions to the knowledge base.

The knowledge base can be searched by using keywords, topics, and more. The knowledge base is also available to the requesters in the self-service portal, which will considerably reduce the issues logged, especially when they are frequent and recurrent issues.

Up-to-date Knowledge Base

Updating the knowledge base is fairly easy and a simple task. Having an updated knowledge base enables even requesters to solve their issues without logging them.

Setting up a knowledge base in ServiceDesk Plus is quite easy and simple. You can import your existing knowledge base in just a few clicks. You can also convert ticket resolutions into knowledge articles. To search through these articles, you can tag them with keywords and publish them in the self-service portal.

You can also set up expiry dates for the articles and also ensure that each article added is reviewed and approved.

Knowledge base to avoid re-opening closed tickets

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