IT Incident Management

Speed Up Ticket Resolution with Smart Automations

Get the Best Practice Incident Management, Out of the Box

  • Offer end users multi-channel support by allowing them to create tickets via email, phone calls, and a web-based self-service portal. Automatically convert emails to tickets.
  • Manage and track all incidents easily with a defined process through the entire life cycle by configuring custom statuses.
  • Automatically assign tickets based on technician expertise or groups for accurate, timely resolutions and prevent recurrence of incidents.
  • Ensure timely resolutions by defining response and resolution SLAs with defined escalation paths.

Automate Ticket Workflows. Improve IT Help Desk Efficiency.

  • Automate every step of the ticket life cycle right from categorization to technician assignment by using business rules.
  • Make sure that no ticket is left unassigned by automatically assigning tickets to technicians based on round robin or load balancing auto assign models.
  • Communicate better with end users with automated notifications that use custom email templates.
  • Reduce the rate of repeat incidents by defining closure rules to ensure effective resolution.

Meet SLAs. Guarantee End-User Satisfaction.

  • Improve resolution times by assigning incidents to technicians as soon as they are logged into the help desk.
  • Prevent SLA violations by enabling multi-level proactive response and resolution escalations.
  • Keep end users informed at every step of the incident management process using automated notifications.
  • Increase the end-user visibility of incident status and progress by providing information in the self-service portal.
  • Get regular end-user feedback and measure satisfaction levels by rolling out user surveys at predefined intervals.

Solve IT Incidents Faster. Enhance Service Quality with the Knowledge Base.

  • Integrate incident management with a well structured and easy to build knowledge base.
  • Publish knowledge base articles in the self-service portals to reduce the flow of incidents into the help desk.
  • Improve turnaround times and resolution quality by maintaining a knowledge base of advanced technical solutions exclusively for, and limited to, technicians.
  • Maintain the quality of knowledge base articles with an efficient approval process.
What Customers Say
We’ve been able to attain a high level of incident management maturity with ServiceDesk Plus in a very short amount of time. Automated workflows, best practices out of the box, hassle-free communication, and high user satisfaction have helped us to achieve a world-class help desk solution at TPS.
IT infrastructure manager
TPS Nedvizhimost, Moscow

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