The masterclass sessions are organized for the fourth week of every month. See tentative dates below.

Design and create dynamic templates with ServiceDesk Plus (On-premises)

Configure no-code and low-code automation across all major ITSM practices

Build life cycles and workflows on a visual builder to standardize processes

Integrate ServiceDesk Plus with Microsoft 365

Explore the latest features of ServiceDesk Plus

You can access the videos of Season 1 here:

  • ServiceDesk Plus On-premises: Introducing new features

  • Building a resilient IT asset management process for hybrid workplaces with ServiceDesk Plus

  • Perfecting the change enablement process in a hybrid workplace with ServiceDesk Plus

  • Delivering exceptional IT service experiences in a hybrid work environment with ServiceDesk Plus

  • 6 ways to implement efficient incident management for hybrid work with ServiceDesk Plus

Meet our speakers

  • Steffi Benjamin

    Product consultant

    Steffi is a part of the ITSM User Education team at ServiceDesk Plus. Her focus mainly lies on training users through help documentation and user guides. She is enthusiastic in learning about ITSM processes and integrations to help users expand the scope of ITSM into other branches.

    During her leisure time, she loves to read books and experiment with painting.

  • Hannah.J

    User Educator

    Hannah Jayapriya heads the ITSM user documentation team at ManageEngine. Her core skills lie in making detailed educational ITSM content and ServiceDesk Plus user guides easier and more accessible to the users. She also develops and delivers content on how ServiceDesk Plus helps users meet all the ITSM requirements of their organization.

    Hannah is a regular presenter at our MasterClass series and has delivered more than 50 Masterclass training sessions for the on-premises version of ServiceDesk Plus. She enjoys writing user experience content for the ITSM products at ManageEngine.

    Her hobbies include gardening, baking, story telling, travelling, and writing about her travels.