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Subscription Period
Monthly Yearly
(Yearly plan includes 10% discount)
IT help desk
Starts from
/ technician / month
IT help desk + asset
Starts from
/ technician / month
IT help desk + asset + ITIL
Starts from
/ technician / month
2 tech and 250 nodes Free US$495 US$1195
5 tech and 500 nodes Free US$1195 US$2995
10 tech and 500 nodes US$1195 US$2295 US$5995
20 tech and 500 nodes
(1000 nodes for enterprise edition)
US$2395 US$4545 US$10795
50 tech and 1000 nodes
(2000 nodes for enterprise edition)
US$4795 US$10795 US$21595
100 tech and 1000 nodes
(2000 nodes for enterprise edition)
US$8395 US$19195 US$29995
200 tech and 1000 nodes
(3000 nodes for enterprise edition)
US$11995 US$23995 US$35995
  • For single teams ?Let each team run their ServiceDesk Plus instance in isolation

    For multiple teams ?Leverage ServiceDesk Plus' enterprise service management capabilities to run multiple instances

    The pricing model above applies

    Same pricing model as above applies to ServiceDesk Plus with the following conditions:

    1. For each instance of ServiceDesk Plus, you can choose different license editions from among Standard, Professional, or Enterprise.

    2. While using multiple instances, only one of those instances can leverage the free version of ServiceDesk Plus ?Standard edition upto 5 technicians.

Available add-ons
    IT help desk
    IT help desk +
    asset management
    IT help desk +
    asset management + ITIL
    CMDB NA US$ 105 / month NA
    Service catalog US$ 105 / month US$ 105 / month NA
    Project management US$ 105 / month US$ 105 / month NA
    Change management US$ 225 / month US$ 225 / month NA
    Live chat US$ 6 per tech per month US$ 6 per tech per month US$ 6 per tech per month
    Questions Before Signing Up?
    1. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

      We currently accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept payments via PayPal (you must have an account with PayPal) and bank transfer for yearly subscriptions. For further details, please contact sdp-ondemand-support@manageengine.com. You can also purchase your ServiceDesk Plus' cloud version subscription through a local ManageEngine partner in your region. Please click here for the complete list of partners.

    2. How do I upgrade from a free account to one of the paid plans?

      Sign in to the application. Click on the "Subscriptions" link at the top right portion of the GUI to upgrade your plan.

    3. How does pricing work?

      You pay for the number of administrators and technicians. There is no restriction on the number of IT end users. If you use IT asset management, you pay for the number of nodes managed.

    4. Who should I contact for sales-related questions?

      If you have questions on pricing, please write to sales@manageengine.com.

    5. Do you store customers' credit card information?

      We do not store your credit card details. See our privacy policy.

    6. Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

      Yes. We offer a pay-as-you-go service and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

    7. How much does technical support cost?

      We do not charge for technical support as it is part of your subscription cost. We offer 24X5 support, except public holidays. You can reach our support through phone and email. Call us toll free on: US : +1 888 720 9500 | Intl: +1 925 924 9500 | +1 800 443 6694 (alternative number) Email us at: sdp-ondemand-support@manageengine.com.

    8. Where can I view your terms of service and privacy policy?

      You can view the details at terms of service and privacy policy.

    FAQs related to Enterprise Service Management

    1. General
      • Right now I have separate licenses for ServiceDesk Plus' cloud version in different departments. How is this different from the service desk instances in ServiceDesk Plus' ESM feature?

        Unlike multiple ServiceDesk Plus licenses, with ServiceDesk Plus' ESM feature you get a unified view of all your service desks in one centralized portal. To learn more, visit https://www.manageengine.com/products/service-desk/enterprise-service-desk-management.html.

      • How do I add new service desk instances?

        Go to ESM Directory in the top right corner of ServiceDesk Plus, then click on Service Desk Instances to add new service desk instances or view existing ones.

      • How many service desk instances can I run simultaneously?

        You can run up to 10 service desk instances at a time.

    2. Trial
      • Can I try multiple service desk instances for free?

        Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial for every service desk instance.

      • What happens to the service desk instances when my free trial expires?

        Once your free trial expires, your service desk instances are deactivated and you'll no longer be able to access them. If need more time to evaluate an instance, just contact our team at sales@manageengine.com.

    3. Purchase
      • Can I choose a different edition for new service desk instances?

        Yes, regardless of your current edition, you can choose among any of our Standard, Professional, or Enterprise plans for the new instance.

      • You offer a 5 technician free license for the Standard edition of ServiceDesk Plus. Can I have multiple service desk instances all using the free allotment of techs?

        No, you are only allowed to have one service desk instance that uses the free allotment of technicians. For all other instances, you'll need to pay based on the number of technicians and nodes you use.

      • Can I buy add-ons for one particular instance?

        Yes, you can buy add-ons specific to one service desk instance.

      • How much does technical support cost?

        Technical support is available for free to all paid customers. Free edition users can subscribe to our support service by paying an annual maintenance fee of $35 per tech.

    4. Billing
      • How are my service desk instances billed?

        Each service desk instance is billed based on technician count and the number of nodes (or assets). Subscriptions are billed on your choice of a monthly or yearly basis.

      • Can I have different billing cycles for different service desk instances?

        Yes, you can choose a different billing cycle for each of your service desk instances.

      • Do you offer any discounts?

        Yes, we offer a discount for our yearly subscriptions.

    (Annual subscription | English only)
    IT help desk
    IT help desk +
    asset management
    IT help desk +
    Asset management + ITIL
    Service catalog US$ 1195 US$ 1195 -
    Problem management NA US$ 1195 NA
    Project management US$ 1195 US$ 1195 NA

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