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Webinar - Drive successful IT changes using ServiceDesk Plus

Your IT infrastructure is prone to changes almost everyday with an increasing flow of information and evolving IT landscape. IT changes play an important role in enabling technologies to meet the business demand. It's the responsibility of the change manager to identify the type of change and to orchestrate these changes efficiently. The main objective of the webinar is to:

  • Educate users about the various change scenarios that could arise in an organisation
  • Introduce best practices to handle these changes effectively
  • Guide admins to establish better change management process with ServiceDesk Plus

What can I learn?

IT changes come in various forms and types. Some changes might not require a rigorous approval process that a high impact and high risk change requires. IT change management simplifies the process of defining workflows for various types of changes and ensures that these changes are expedited with minimal disruptions to the business. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The types of IT changes and their risk-impact profiles
  • Creating robust workflows to manage different IT changes
  • Change management best practices for ServiceDesk Plus
One of the major advantages of ServiceDesk Plus is that it complies with ITIL life cycle. This has reduced the time and efforts of our team to adopt incident and change management. Another advantage compared to the other help desk software is the simple and user-friendly interface.
Ameen Wassif Patriot Forge Co

About the ServiceDesk Plus's product education specialists

Product education specialists aim to make customers confident in using ServiceDesk Plus and aligning customers' efforts to create better business impact. The team believes that the more you know about the product the more you'll benefit from the product. The team is passionate about teaching and conducts webinars and training sessions throughout the year.

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