Contract Management

Through extensive contract management in SupportCenter Plus, it’s now easy to create service contracts for accounts incorporating multiple products in the same time period and also create multiple contracts for single product with the different time line. This now opens up the wide range of contract creation for accounts across business units.

Contract Management

Define your support plans and SLAs based on the service contracts. This improves you to serve your customers at a faster rate and thereby improves customer satisfaction.

You can configure support plans based on hours or incidents. You can also define different cost types for different hours of services offered to the customers which can be added to the support plans.

This helps you to serve different customers differently. These details are used in the Customer Billing section to calculate the cost/incident and cost/hour for service.

Account Contract having multiple Products

Account Product having multiple Contracts


  • Rate Types allows you to create contract with different cost for different hours.
  • Define SLAs and support plans to track customer service contracts.
  • Set the time in SLAs before which the request should be resolved.
  • Automatically assign the appropriate contract to the requests based on the customer who generates request.
  • Automatically update SLA rules to the request to determine resolution time.
  • Notify Administrators/Account Managers about the expiry of the contracts.


  • Helps to create wide range of contracts for accounts with different products at different levels of time intervals.
  • Sets customers expectations and based on which work can be planned.
  • Helps you bill your customers correctly based on the exact resolution time.
  • Helps manage and renew your customer service contracts on time periodically.