Contracts and SLA management

Be on time, every time!

Wouldn't it be great if you could always provide the best services on time without worrying? SupportCenter plus is designed to help you do this by helping you track service level agreements (SLAs) for your requests and contracts. With SupportCenter Plus, you can stay up to date with SLA reminders. Never let another request or contract breach its SLA.

    Maintain contracts in one place. Manage them like a pro.

  • Create multiple contracts for products in each account.
  • Automatically renew customer service contracts.
  • Define separate rate types for operational and non-operational hours for easy billing.
  • Maintain separate support plans for each account and contact.
  • Automatically assign contracts from specific customers to the associated request.
  • Notify administrators and account managers about contract expirations.
  • Separate billable and non-billable time entries for accurate account billing.

Keep an eye on your SLAs. Rule out violations.

  • Make unique support plans and SLAs for each service contract.
  • Escalate SLA violations to four levels of support representatives.
  • Move requests to new support reps automatically when an SLA violation occurs.
  • Assign response and resolution SLAs to requests automatically with business rules.
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