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Importing Support Reps from Active Directory

You can import all your support reps instantly if their details are configured in the Active Directory. SupportCenter Plus allows you to enable Active Directory authentication to these support reps and also provide specific roles to execute definite tasks in the application.


You can find Import from Active Directory option under Admin -> Support Reps.

  • Domain Name & Domain Controller: Domain name and Domain Controller from which the support reps need to be imported.

  • Login Name & Password: Login Credentials to the domain.  

  • Select the fields to be imported from the active directory.

On selecting the necessary Organizational Units (OU) and importing the support reps, you need to enable Active Directory Authentication under Settings in the Admin module.

You can also schedule an Active Directory Import at regular intervals to synchronize the database information with the active directory. If there are any modifications in the existing support rep information, the data will be rewritten and updated in the application.

On enabling AD authentication, the login name and password with its domain is validated in the AD after which the Support Rep can log into the application.   


Alternatively, you can also add support reps manually into the application using the Add New Support Rep link. [Refer Support Reps to know more on adding support reps manually]



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