SupportCenter Plus

    Creating New Requests

    Any incident, request for service or request for information can be sent as requests to the supportdesk team. These requests can be sent to the support team in many different ways. Some of the most common modes are,

    1. Contacts can call the helpdesk reporting their problem or requirement and he in turn will file it as a request. [For more information, refer Log a call]

    2. They can submit their query by logging into the customer portal and filing a request.

    3. Or, they can send an Email to the support team, which will automatically get logged as a service request in SupportCenter Plus.


    Creating a new request from the application


    A typical example for support reps to create a new request from SupportCenter Plus application would be when a support rep is on a call with the contact. The support rep fills in the necessary details for future references.


    The new request form can be accessed by two ways in SupportCenter Plus application.

    1. Add New drop down

    2. Request tab


    Add New drop down


    The Add New drop down is a quick navigator to instantly access the New Request form from the home page.




    To configure the New Request , go to Step 3 in Request tab.



    Request Tab

    1. Click on the Request tab in the header pane to open the request list view page.

    2. Select New Request button. The New Request form opens.

    3. If you have specified Request Default Values for Category, Level, Mode, Priority and Group to be displayed in the New Request form, then the same are populated in the new request form.

    4. You can also create a Request Template for the frequently raised requests under the Admin tab. Select the template from Apply Template drop down box to create a requests instantly.

    5. If you have not configured the Request Default Values or the Request Template, specify the request details such as Mode of submission of request, Level of complexity of the request and Priority.

    6. By default, the Status of the request is Open.

    7. Support Rep assigned to the request are also known as Owner. You can either select the Group according to the request or choose the Support Rep alone.

      Say, if the request is for "Replacement of battery" then select the Group as Warranty. The list of support reps associated to Warranty group is listed under Support Rep drop down. To associate support reps to specific groups, refer Groups.

    8. If you are on a call with a known contact whose contact information is mentioned in the application, either enter the Contact Name or use the Search Contact icon to search for the contact.
      1. If you enter the contact name, SupportCenter Plus will given you options to choose the contacts relevant to the name specified.

      2. You can also search for contacts using the Search Contact icon search_contact. The Contact List pop up window opens.

      3. Click on the hyper-linked name of the contact. The contact name gets populated in the new request form. If there are any contact details associated with the contact such as, Account, Phone, Email and Mobile, then the relevant details is populated in the respective fields.




    1. From this page, you can Add New Contact if the contact name is not listed.


    2. You can also Edit the contact information editcontact and also View the contact information viewcontacts.


    3. If the contact list is lengthy, you can search for contacts on entering the contact name in Search Contact List and click Go.


    4. Contacts can also be selected based on the account. This can be done by swapping the contact and account fields, by changing the GlobalConfig table entry. If the contact and account fields are swapped, the associated contacts will be listed based on the Account selected. For more information on the GlobalConfig query, send a mail to our support team


    Alternatively, you can choose to view only selected group of contacts by clicking on the alphabets at the top.


    1. If your on a call with a first time caller then enter the Contact Details like, Name, Phone and Mobile number, and Email address. If the account is available then select the same from Account drop down box. Else enter the Account name in the field.





    When an account associated to the contract is selected from the drop down list, the contract related notifications such as contract expiry date and remaining hours/incidents left for the contract will be displayed beside the account name field.


    1. Select the Product to be associated with the request.

    2. You can also classify the request category by selecting the Category, Sub-Category and Item.

    3. If there are any Additional Request details (configured under Admin -> Helpdesk Customizer -> Request Additional Fields) then enter the same in the respective fields.

    4. Specify the Subject of the request. This field is mandatory.

    5. Provide a brief description about the request in the Description field.

    6. If you wish to attach any relevant files to the request then click Attach a file link. The Add/Remove Attachment window pops up.   



      1. Click Browse button and select the file to be attached from the file chooser window. Click Open button.

      2. Click Attach button. The selected file is listed under Attached Files along with size of the file.

      3. If you have more than one file to attach repeat steps 1 and 2. Ensure that the total size of the attachments does not exceed 5 MB. Click Done. The selected files are attached to the request.

        The attached document is indicated with an attachment icon beside the title of the request in the request list view page.

    1. Enter the email address of the CC recipients in the field provided. The CC recipient will receive email on the conversation between the support rep and the contact. You can add more than one CC recipient separating each email ID with a comma. Click here to know more on Auto CC.

    2. Click Add request button. If the Contact and Account information is not entered in the application, a pop up message appears confirming to add the contact and account details as part of the request. Click Ok to proceed. The request is added to the request list.


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