Knowledge Base

SupportCenter Plus includes a Solutions (Knowledge Base) module that allows you to document best practices and solutions to common problems in an online knowledge base. The Knowledge Base acts as an effective knowledge sharing medium, boosting support productivity by leveraging collective knowledge and assists in effective knowledge management. It also helps in improving the average problem resolution time significantly as support reps find answers to problems quickly.



SupportCenter Plus offers the following features for easy knowledge management

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  • Build your own knowledge base easily.
  • Searchable knowledge base solutions indexed by specified keywords.
  • Partition a separate knowledge base for end-users (separating them from technicians) with access only to simpler problems.
  • Group solutions by topics and sub-topics to facilitate easier access.
  • Access Most Popular and Most Recent solutions quickly using preset views.


  • Duplication of effort is eliminated with a centralized solution repository.
  • Effective sharing of knowledge improves overall productivity.
  • Users get consistent answers irrespective of the technician servicing their request.
  • Faster first call resolution.
  • End users can get answers to common problems 24X7 from a web browser.
  • Reduces the load on your Helpdesk.