Managed Service Provider

The world is moving at a neck breaking pace and IT has become a part and parcel of every company's business cycle. But one of the toughest tasks for a company, which is not originally an IT company, is to manage their IT services. Managed Service Providers ( MSPs) are those companies which manage the IT services for other companies.

Multi site customer helpdesk - for MSP

Each MSP would have number of clients and each client will have different set of IT services managed by the MSP. The MSPs need to be in line with their customers and should provide world class client (customer) support as IT services can be critical in some businesses. SupportCenter Plus will be the apt customer support software for the MSPs to handle their customers.

Key Features


  • Affordable, easy to use and quick implementation. No need of any installation in the client's place as the Support Portal can be accessed through web.
  • Customize Self Service Portal for clients and the respective contacts according to your needs
  • Reduce repetitive queries and high volume of tickets and calls
  • Organize and integrate computer telephony with your Customer Support in order to provide better user experience
  • Keep the clients and their staff informed with latest information.
  • 24 X 7 support for your clients.

How Business Units can be used by an MSP?

A Managed Service Porvider ( MSP) manages multiple clients at a single point of time. The clients are usually termed as accounts. The earlier three level hierarchical model of SupportCenter Plus ( Account -Sub Account - requestor) is being used by many of the MSP providers all over the world. The business unit model will give more flexibility to a MSP. The 4 level hierarchical model of Business Units will the MSPs to provide better services to their clients.

Multi site customer helpdesk - for MSP

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