Multi-channel Communication

One of the primary goals of SupportCenter Plus is to enable organizations effectively manage customer communications and interactions from multiple sources - Email, Phone, Portal, Forums, Online Chat, Social Media etc and provide a unified view to the technician who handles them.


Email has traditionally been an effective tool for communication. One cannot imagine a world without emails. It has become an absolute necessity for organizations to support email based communications with their customers. But supporting or replying to customer queries from their inbox can be cumbersome and unorganized. When the customer queries grow, it becomes a nightmare to track them to completion. SupportCenter Plus provides a unique functionality that automatically converts incoming emails to trouble tickets. These tickets are displayed on a web interface that lets all techncians handling the cases to have a single view of the tickets. SupportCenter Plus provides the best email response management for customer support management with options to handle multiple emails with the ability to distribute them to different departments.


This has become an indespensible mode of communication. In addition to answering the phone and helping the customers with their problems, the world around the telephony systems are changing fast. With the advent of CTI integrations, the process of identifying the caller with the caller history has become almost instanteous. The IVR (Instant Response Systems) has made the customer support available 24X7. SupportCenter Plus has integrations with Avaya PBX & Asterisk PBX that display the caller information and history of previous tickets when a call lands on the technician desk.


Though email and phone are the most preferred medium of communication, but the self-service mode is a real convenience to the customer. Organizations are providing access to the customers so that they can instantly find solutions without human intervention. SupportCenter Plus has a customizable customer portal that lets administrators provide necessary permissions for customers to search knowledge base, submit tickets, generate reports etc.

Online Chat

Chat is an evolving tool that is starting to be used extensively to help customers over the internet. Customers in general like the less intrusive way of communication via the chat. The chat is not currently available in SupportCenter Plus. It will be available in the product down the line.


Forums as a very dynamic discussion medium. Customers can exchange ideas and thoughts. This help them gain a deeper insight into the customer environment. SupportCenter currently does not support this feature. But down the line plans to integrate with and Zoho Forums.

Social Media

Social media is fast emerging as an important platform for communication. And customer centric organizations can not afford to turn a blind eye to the happenings in this sphere. Twitter and Facebook are turning as the key catalyst in ushering this change. SupportCenter Plus is quick to recognize this change and we provide Twitter integration that helps you track tweets from Twitter and convert them as tickets and reply (through a tweet) to them - all from a single interface.