Service Level Agreements

Business today relies heavily on the quality of IT services. Degradations in IT Service delivery can be costly and damaging to business. More and more organizations are implementing strict Service Level Agreements to ensure high standards of IT service. Defining Service Level Agreements is even more critical in the case of outsourcing IT. This place tremendous pressure on your SupportCenter Support Reps to ensure that the required IT service levels are being met.


Service Level Agreement Example
  • Define SLA rules to distinguish priority requests by Requester, Department or Category.
  • Automatically update Requests to apply SLA rules to determine resolution time
  • Track SLA compliance using automatic escalations (upto 4 levels) in case of SLA violations at pre-defined time intervals
  • Measure Service level performance using SLA violation reports.


  • Proactive Service level management.
  • Higher customer satisfaction by delivering service as per customer expectations.
  • Better communication with customers on reasonable Service Levels.

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