Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) plays a vital role in supporting your customers. It is identified as the technology of linking of computers and telecom instrument to respond calls, to pull out details from the database based on the phone numbers and even route calls to different people in some cases.

Help Desk Software - Multi-site support

Notes and Tasks

  • SupportCenter Plus allows the support staff to create notes in a particular ticket in order to provide the information to other support staff and the administrator.
  • The Notes can be made visible to the contact too if required
  • Tasks are simple "to-do" lists that can be created by the administrator for the support staff to do.
  • The Tasks are not visible to the customer.


  • Gives the support staff flexibility to provide instructions to the other support staff
  • Notes is an important part when the tickets are escalated from one level to the another
  • Important tasks can be mandated to the support staff based on the priorities
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