Product Catalog

Each product that is sold to a customer can be categorized into a specific product type. The Product Catalog module gives your support reps the ability to add new product types as well as track and manage all products purchased by customers. Your Support Reps can organize product details more effectively. You can also allow your contacts to view and track all details about the products they have purchased.


Product Catalog
  • Ability to easily add and maintain new product types.
  • Maintain a wealth of information about your products using configurable fields such as cost, delivery information and so on.
  • Allow your support reps to create and maintain a list of products being sold to your customers.
  • Allow your contacts to view and track all their product details.


  • Effectively categorize all the products sold by your company.
  • Track products much more effectively using highly customizable product tracking.
  • Higher customer satisfaction by delivering service as per customer expectations.
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