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Customer Service Reports

Customer Service reports are the most important part of any customer support team. The reports help the manager to find the overall performance of the team, Requests that are open, closed or overdue at any instant of time, the SLA violations that had happened, which customer or Organization is sending the most number of requests & who is attending to the requests etc.

New Features

  • SupportCenter Plus provides you with 50 inbuilt reports which gives you immediate access to different reports based on Requests, Priority, Catogories, SLAs etc.
  • It provides with the ability to create custom reports with the available custom reports template
  • Matrix and Cross Tabulation reports with two different variables can also be created based on specific parameters
  • With the MS SQL and My SQL Support, you can create custom report queries in order to create complex report requirements
  • The reports can be exported in all possible document formats including XLS, CSV, PDF and DOC.

Help Desk Software - Multi-site support


  • Assess the performance of your support team and monitor them better
  • Streamline your support processes and cut the unwanted costs based on statistical data
  • Reports help you to make strategic decisions and gives a bird's eye view of the support process

Help Desk Software - Multi-site support

Give access to Customers

Customers can be given access to the reports created by the support staff. This will enable the customers to know better about the customer service issues. The customers can access complete reports or they can generate specific reports through shared report templates according to their previleges.

Addition to Knowledge Base and Solutions

  • The solutions can be taken through a approval mechanism before being added up to the Knowledge base to prevent in appropriate content
  • The solutions can be made available to the customers based on the business units in which they are client of.
  • Reports help you to make strategic decisions and gives a bird's eye view of the support process

Help Desk Software - Multi-site support

SupportCenter Plus provides your customers with 4 simple ways of creating a ticket.

  1. Phone - The ticket can be created by the Support Staff
  2. Email - Automatic Conversion of Emails to Tickets
  3. Forums - SupportCenter Plus can be integrated with phBB forums and forum posts can be automatically converted to tickets
  4. Self-Service Portal - Ticket submission thorough integrated web forms and customer self-service Portal