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Reports, Dashboards & KPIs

Reports & Dashboards helps summarize information across various modules and present it for easy analysis.

Dashboards & KPIs
Customer Support Software

Dashboards are mainly intended for keeping the help desk crew informed of the current happening in the help desk.

More than 50+ out-of-the-box Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as they are popularly known, are presented as graphical widgets for easy comprehension of the help desk scenario.

Drag & drop these widgets to create new Dashboards and share them with other technicians.

Reports - Predefined & Custom Reports

Customer Support Software

Predefined reports that allow you to extract real time information summarized in tabular & matrix formats with charting options.

Custom reports allows you drill down into minute details. Step-by-step wizard based reporting helps create even complex reports with ease.

Report output can be exported into common formats such as PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML etc. They can also be scheduled to be generated at a particular time slot and emailed to specified members.