Integrate your help desk

The way you want it to look & work

If you are looking to customize and build a powerful help desk, here's a list of SupportCenter Plus apps that might interest you

SupportCenter Plus Apps

  • twitter-settingsJIRA Integration
  • ServiceDesk Plus integration ServiceDesk Plus Integration
  • Remote Assistance Remote Assistance
  • CTI (computer telephony integration) Telephony Integration
  • Zoho Analytics integration Advanced Analytics Integration
  • Zoho CRM integration Zoho CRM Integration
  • Salesforce CRM integration Salesforce CRM Integration
  • Custom Schedules Custom Schedules

JIRA Integration

Trace and fix bugs with the JIRA integration

Let your support team map and trace bugs or issues reported by the customers to provide superior support. Convert any SupportCenter Plus ticket into a JIRA issue and changing its priority for faster solutions is just as easy as a single click.

ServiceDesk Plus integration

Let your IT help desk and support teams work in tandem

Get your IT help desk team and customer support team to work hand in hand. Installing ServiceDesk Plus in your network will enable you to automatically log trouble tickets or create a new ticket from SupportCenter Plus requests. This two-way integration provides access to ServiceDesk Plus and SupportCenter Plus data.

Remote Assistance

Remote support made possible

A timely resolution of issues often requires a powerful remote assistance to your customer. You can now easily view, share, and control a remote desktop of your client to diagnose their issues and resolve them immediately no matter which part of the world they are in.

CTI (computer telephony integration)

Convert your call data into tickets

Implementing CTI with SupportCenter Plus and Asterisk connectors provides integration between your Asterisk telephony system and your SupportCenter Plus environment. Convert the call data instantly into a new ticket and start replying to your mails right from the application.

Advanced Analytics Integration

Intelligent reporting for support operations

Gain better insights into your customer support operations with the advanced analytics suite. Create powerful reports and dashboards instantly without the hassle of writing complex database queries. Depending on the mode of deployment, you can choose one of the integration options, Analytics Plus (on-premise) or Zoho Analytics (on-cloud). Slice and dice data the way you want, analyze key support metrics and take informed business decisions to optimize business operations.

Zoho CRM integration

Easily import your accounts information & contacts

Access all your Zoho CRM information directly and easily from SupportCenter Plus. This seamless integration will help you to automate the process of importing Accounts and Contacts from Zoho CRM through the scheduled import option.

Salesforce CRM Integration

Get a 360 degree view of your sales cycle

SupportCenter Plus integration with Salesforce CRM helps you to import Account and Contact information from Salesforce CRM into SupportCenter Plus. You can also automate the process of importing Accounts and Contacts from Salesforce CRM through scheduled import option.

Custom Schedules

Easily schedule your periodic tasks and updates.

Certain business activities need to be invoked periodically. Effortlessly add the actions to be triggered and they are automatically scheduled and spaced over the specified time. Empower your help desk with Custom Schedules integration that enables automatic periodic updates.

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