Customer Portal

Share information with customers online

Customer Portal is a powerful & intuitive tool that helps your customers find answers to their problems instantly. There is no-waiting and is available 24X7. And since it is an automated service it brings down the load on your helpdesk.

Customer Support Software - Support Organization

Knowledge Base - Provide answers to customers, 24x7

  • Provide customers with anytime, anywhere access to your knowledge base.
  • Auto-suggest solutions when a request is raised thus reducing load on your help desk.
  • Categorize, group and tag solutions for easier access and quicker search

More Control, More Freedom

  • Provide more freedom to customers by giving them the ability to create, track, close and re-open tickets.
  • Improves transparency with customers
  • Automate ticket submission/tracking under correct departments.
Customer Support Software

Branding - Logo, colors, fonts, et al.

Customer Support Software
  • Customize user interface elements like logo, colors, fonts, headers, tabs etc that matches your brand image.
  • Control what information the end-user will see.

Automate those pesky, monotonous tasks

  • Automate routine tasks like password resets, user registrations, user info updates etc., directly from the portal.
  • Authorize new users to access the portal upon approval.
Customer Support Software

Forget mailing weekly reports, your customers can access them anytime

Customer Support Software
  • Generate custom reports for your users to be available in the portal.
  • Get them in any of the industry standard formats - PDFs, HTML, CSV, XLS etc.