Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we set the prompt for user confirmation check box to enabled by default and not allow techs to uncheck this?Yes, this is possible by navigating to tools --> Remote Control --> User Confirmation --> Enable "Make user confirmation permanent"
  • We do not allow our users access to command prompt. When the technician initiates the remote session, will the admin be access the command prompt?If you have connected to the machine from the console, yes. You can launch the cmd prompt from quick launch even if the user doesn't have access to open it. It will be opened with the system account privilege.
  • We use three monitors per user, some are configured to be in portrait mode while their other monitors are in landscape mode. Will Remote Access Plus display them all?Remote Access Plus will maintain the orientation and the aspect ratio (Landscape and Portrait format). Ability to view multiple monitors on a single pane is in development phase and will be released soon.
  • Where would screen recording be stored? Recorded remote sessions will be stored on the Remote Access Plus server. You can locate it from Remote Access Plus web console -> Reports -> Remote Control History. You can hover the recorded session to find the exact storage location.
  • Will the remote control automatically reconnect after a reboot during the session?Based on many requests from customers, this feature has been developed and it is currently in testing phase. This should be available in a couple of weeks.
  • If you have keyboard/mouse disabled, does it automatically disable it for the new tech sharing the session? If you leave the remote session and forget to re-enable the mouse/keyboard will it automatically be re-enabled for the user?"Disable Keyboard and Mouse" is applicable only for the user on the client machine, this does not apply to the technicians. Once the remote session is disconnected the mouse and keyboard will be automatically enabled on the remote computer.
  • When in a remote control session and installing software, if the user is not an Admin, how can I install software as a remote admin as Admin? Initiating a remote session using Remote Access Plus does not entitle the user with administrative privileges related to software deployment. You will have to use Remote Access Plus's Software Deployment module to perform this operation. You can perform this operation from, Remote Access Plus web console -> Software Deployment -> Deployment -> Install/uninstall Software -> create configuration -> Package settings.
  • During a remote session, I have blacken the remote monitor, is there an indicator showing if the user's screen is blacked out? You can check the action icon, if you could see "blacken monitor" is changed to "revoke monitor", then you can feel assured that the remote monitor has been blacked out.
  • How many technicians can connect to a remote computer simultaneously?The number of technicians is determined by the number of technician license that you own, however the speed depends on the available bandwidth.