Frequently Asked Questions

  • Wake on LAN only works if the pc is actually powered ON, correct? You can use Wake On LAN to wake computers, which are shutdown. However, if you want to wake a computer which is not in the LAN as Endpoint Central server, you will have to ensure that at least one computer within the same subnet (as the target computer) should be active and have Endpoint Central agent installed in it.
  • How do I enable Wake On LAN system?You can enable it by configuring the settings, You can refer this document, to know the steps involved in configuring the "Wake on LAN" settings from, Endpoint Central web console -> Admin -> Global Settings -> Agent Settings- > Enable Wake On LAN Settings. You can also refer this article for more details.
  • I have enabled Wake on LAN on the BIOS, however I find it does not work at time, why?Wake on LAN might fail, if the target machine belongs to a different subnet. You should ensure there should be at least one machine turned on in that subnet, so that it could act as the WOL proxy for the whole subnet.