Remote Task Manager

Remote Task Manager enables technicians to access the target computer's Task Manager. This is done by rendering the Task Manager of the target computer in the Remote Access Plus console. Technicians can then perform operations- stop, kill or start processes to resolve issues. Remote Task Manager is one of the 12+ System Tools available in Remote Access Plus. You can leverage this functionality to quickly access the Task Manager of your target remote desktop and modify the status of running applications.

How to access Task Manager in Remote Desktop?

Login to your Remote Access Plus web console and go to the Tools tab, select System Manager. Here, you can view the processes, software and services that are running. You can modify the status of the running elements.

Managing Windows Processes, Services and Start-up Programs

While troubleshooting remote computers, it is a smart move to constantly monitor applications, processes, services and start-up programs in the remote PC. With Remote Access Plus task manager you can,

  1. Monitor and obtain complete information on processes and services running on any computer including command line, CPU load, the number of threads created.
  2. View, enable, or disable start-up programs.
  3. Remotely start/stop/kill services and also get to kill processes running in the network computers.
  4. Remotely change the service start up type.
  5. View processes initiated by specific users.
  6. Balance CPU usage, optimize memory and speed up your PC and Windows startup.

Remote Desktop Task Manager - ManageEngine Remote Access Plus Remote Task Manager - ManageEngine Remote Access Plus  Remote Task Manager Tool - ManageEngine Remote Access Plus