Remote PC Access Software

Remote PC access software is a tool that helps administrators in an organization to troubleshoot problems in their enterprise PC from anywhere. This is made possible with robust features like advanced remote access, unlimited file transfer, remote power options and quick access to troubleshooting tools. With growing and expanding IT organizations it will be difficult to rescue every employee and stay compliant to policies like HIPPA. With Remote Access Plus, you can utilize the power of highly customizable secure remote PC access and manage your endpoint's like a pro without compromising to enterprise policies!

Free Remote PC Access

Key features of Remote PC Software

The major features that would come handy for remote troubleshooting are:

Remote Control

Are you away from work and yet you wish to access your work computer? Secure remote PC access and control feature will be your one stop solution. The desired device screen will be rendered and can be viewed through your console seamlessly. Transfer files, access all power options and file manager tools swiftly by taking remote control.

 Remote PC

Record Sessions

The full remote sessions can be fully recorded and used for audit purpose. These videos can also be used to train new administrators and make the troubleshooting process seamless.


Two is always better than one. Invite technicians to join the remote session to address the problems quickly. Collaborating with more than one person will help you find efficient solutions to troubleshoot the problem.

Quick access to Task Manager

One of the frequently used tool while troubleshooting will be task manager. Remote PC access software comes with the feature to open target computers task manager even without taking remote sessions. From this console users can easily work around with the running process and programs.

Free Remote PC Access

How to remote access a PC?

Administrators can fix remote machines from a central location with the help of Remote Access Plus. Let's see how to swiftly access a remote device:

  • Login to your Remote Access Plus console.
  • You can directly search the target computer or select it from the drop-down list. Free Remote PC Software
  • Now, simply click Connect to initiate a remote session. Free Remote PC
  • You have successfully initiated a remote session to a target computer.
  • You can also navigate to Tools -> Remote Control.
  • List of managed devices will be listed out here. You can click on connect to establish the remote session.
  • If you wish to troubleshoot without taking remote session, you can directly access the system manager tools by navigating to Tools -> System Manager.

with Remote Access Plus you can configure favorite session and reconnect to them quickly from the dashboard.

In addition to the above, you can troubleshoot devices that run on the major flavors of the operating systems - Windows, Mac and Linux, using Remote Access Plus. Remote Access Plus is available both as an on-premise and a cloud solution and depending upon your organization's requirements, you can choose one among the three editions available (Standard, Professional and Free).

FAQs about Free Remote PC Access Software

What is a Remote PC?

A system administrator in an organization will not have physical access to all the computers under his scope, hence they are remote PC. Simply put, computers that are located away from you are grouped as remote PC.

What is a Remote PC Access?

Computers, laptops, endpoints! They are always scattered across the globe in an IT environment. As an admin, it is essential to have a control over these devices even if they are physically away from you. With the capability of remote PC access you will have the privilege to remotely control, manage and access your PC's from anywhere.

Why is Remote PC Access Software important?

The main benefit is easing the process of remotely troubleshooting a device. The higher order effect of remote troubleshooting is that even the turnaround time is greatly reduced, improving the efficiency of the technician in turn. Since a VPN connection is not mandatory to establish a remote desktop connection, a Remote PC Access software is particularly helpful for Managed Service Providers (MSP) where they might be required to manage and troubleshoot computers from different customers.

How does a Remote PC Access work?

Remote Control renders the screen of the target computer in the technician's PC. The software catches the keyboard and mouse inputs of the technician and transmits them to the target device. The target device in turn sends the transmitted commands to the local computer, upon which the commands are successfully executed. This is the basic bedrock upon which Remote PC Access software functions.

Benefits of a Remote PC Access Software

  • Will help you access your device from a far away location.
  • Administrators can troubleshoot multiple devices within a short duration.
  • Transfer important files with just few clicks.
  • Communicate with end users and understand the problems efficiently.

How to choose the best Remote PC Access Software?

The main features to explore before you get a Remote PC Access Software are:

  • Does it support cross platform?
  • Will it establish remote connection from any location?
  • What are the OS supported by the software?
  • Will you have the privilege of secure remote PC access?

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