Managed IT Services - Definition & Benefits

A recent survey of IT professionals found that 59% of organizations have adopted managed service provider (MSP) services to oversee and monitor their network infrastructure. A quick glance at the MSP sector prompts the basic question: why do organizations outsource require Managed IT Services and what is the role of MSPs in this process.

Any organization requires a team of IT experts to manage their network and secure their devices and network from any cyber-threats. To trim down costs associated with IT network maintenance and to receive better IT support for network issues when they arise, organizations opt for Managed IT services. Simply put, Managed IT services enable organizations to outsource IT tasks to a vendor on a contract or subscription based service. These services help in reducing the workload of in-house teams, supplement teams that are unable to meet IT demand, or to replace in-house teams.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services refer to the management and maintenance of multiple organizations' networks and devices by third-party vendors, who are also known as Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The main reason why organizations rely on MSPs to provide such services is to benefit from their advanced technical expertise in network maintenance through a cost-effective approach.

What is Managed IT Services? - ManageEngine RMM Central

Why are Managed IT Services important?

Organizations today are under significant pressure to meet the performance, operational and security needs of the business. Also, other factors for choosing to opt for managed IT services include:

  • Deploying new services to the IT environment
  • Setting goals based on the expansion of the organization in future
  • Including new technologies in the network structure and devices
  • Need to cut down expenses of IT network maintenance

Managed IT services are synonymous with Managed service providers (MSPs). MSPs take a proactive approach to maintaining the organizations' IT against all management and security issues. MSPs provider 360-degree Managed IT services by ensuring 24/7/ coverage of IT duties and can contribute specialty knowledge or expertise that may not otherwise be available.

What are the services included in managed IT services?

MSPs provide managed IT services for small, medium and large companies alike as a subscription based service. For a monthly or annual plan, a high level of service quality is provided to business. Managed IT services can encompass many responsibilities but it typically includes:

  • Remote monitoring and management of hardware, software and network infrastructure.
  • Security services that include monitoring, penetration testing, threat hunting, or incident response.
  • Proactive configuration, monitoring, and management of entire organization's IT.
  • Communications support including IP telephony services.

What are some examples of Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services go beyond break-fix models by actively working to mitigate any risk of downtime, and in case of downtime, how to get the enterprise’s IT service up and running. Managed IT services offer enterprises services like managing user accounts, securing endpoints, maintaining servers and networking devices, backup and recovery services, data backup, and more. They assist customers in their IT needs and remove the need for an in-house IT team.

What are the benefits of Managed IT Services?

There are numerous benefits that organizations can gain from the right managed IT service provider. These benefits often include:

  • Helps in enhancing organization's strategic planning.
  • Eliminates the IT related stress and enables the organizations to focus more on core business goals.
  • Aids in limiting the IT resources and staffing of the organization.
  • Reliable in scaling up the services based on the dynamically changing IT of the organization.
  • Decreases costs and expenditure.

How RMM Central helps to improve Managed IT Services?

RMM Central is the one-stop solution that helps MSPs gain in-depth visibility into client networks from a single console. A unified remote monitoring and management tool is a must-have for MSPs to maintain a distinguished level of managed IT service in managing client devices. RMM Central helps MSPs simplify the management of every traditional and modern device and provide excellent managed IT service.

Managed IT Services Definition

RMM Central's product roadmap has tight integrations with our home grown PSA ITSM software, ServiceDesk Plus MSP and also with other 3rd party IITSM applications like Zendesk, Jira, Spiceworks and FreshService.

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