Deployment Customization

Patching applications is not just deployment of patches, it also involves tasks like uninstalling the older updates, ensuring that the application update will not cause any impact at the users end, disabling automatic updates and a lot more. It will be a great time saver if these tasks can be automated. Deployment customization in Patch Connect Plus allows administrators to automate these tasks to tailor their deployment needs. You can enable these tasks by creating Deployment templates and by mapping them with the third party application to customize deployment. Based on the tasks defined in the templates, deployment will take place on the client computers.

  Skip Deployment if the application is already running

What if the users are using the applications and you want to install the update? It will cause unnecessary disturbance to them in their working hours. Enable this setting in the deployment template to skip the deployment when the application is in use.

 Uninstall the old updates before installing the new ones

Clearing the old updates from the client machines will help you save the memory space on the client computers. This setting allows you to uninstall the old updates before the deployment of new one.

 Do not add application shortcut

Keep yours desktop screen, start menu and taskbar neat by avoiding the shortcuts of third party applications. Prevent the creation of shortcuts in these areas using this setting.

 Disable automatic updates

Most of the third party applications will get automatically updated without intervention. This process might slow down your computer and it also leads to high bandwidth consumption. Save your network bandwidth by disabling automatic updates using this setting.