Steps to configure Automated Deployment Rule in SCCM

  1. Open Automatic Deployment Rule, located under Software Library -> Software Updates tab 
  2. Right Click and select 'Create Automatic Deployment rule' option
  3. Enter a name and specify the target collection by clicking on 'Browse' option
  4. Select the required collection and click ok
  5. Select 'Create a new Software Update Group' option and click next
  6. Select a Detail level that you want and click next
  7. Select the third-party applications by using the Bulletin ID filter. Select Bulletin ID Filter and click option to enter filter option.
  8. Enter TU- in filter textbox to select all the third-party updates published by Patch Connect Plus and click OK
  9. Click on the Preview option to view the list of updates
  10. Select 'Evaluation Schedule' and Click next
  11. Select a 'Deployment Schedule' and click next
  12. Configure the custom deployment option and click Next
  13. Configure Alerts and click next.
  14. Select the Deployment Package created for Third party Updates and click Next
  15. Select the download option as 'Download software updates from the internet'
  16. Select the required language and click next
  17. Select the Deployment option and click Next
  18. View the summary of the setup and click next to complete
  19. Select the created template and click 'Run Now' to start