Steps to configure site database server settings


This document will explain the steps to configure site database server settings. This settings is required to fetch the deployment reports of the published third party patches.


To configure site database server settings, follow the steps given below,

  1. In Patch Connect Plus server console, go to Admin tab --> Publsih settings --> Site Database server settings 
  2. Specify the machine name where SQL server is installed.
  3. Specify the port number, the default port is 1433.
  4. Specify the database name, i.e the name of the database where SCCM patch deployment details are stored.

    database name

  5. Select the authentication type
  6. Select or add the credentials which is required to reach SQL server.
  7. Specify the time period to update the patch deployment details and click Save.

You have now successfully configured site databse server settings. You can now view the patch deployment details of the publshed third party patches in the Home tab.