SCCM 2012
is the most used version of SCCM
Microsoft SCCM has a great infrastructure and is one of the most used client management software by administrators around the world. SCCM 2012 is the most used version of the client management tool presently.
it does not support 3rd-party patching!
Unfortunately, updates to third party applications are not deployed by Microsoft SCCM 2012.
attackers exploit 3rd-party vulnerabilities
According to recent reports by Microsoft, over 90% of attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities caused by third party applications. Updates to third party applications are not deployed by Microsoft SCCM 2012.
SCCM 2012

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus offers a solution to the administrators by being a tool which would help SCCM 2012 server to deploy software updates using the existing infrastructure. Therefore, they can skip learning about a new software and can work using the same console and infrastructure that they are using.

Top 5 benefits of integrating SCCM with Patch Connect Plus

Automated third party patching for SCCM 2012Automated third party patching

Limited patching capabilities using Microsoft SCUP can be expanded to patch all third party applications with ease. The whole patch management cycle is automated using Patch Connect Plus as the certification addition to the trusted vendor store is also done automatically along with the deployment done automatically of available patches.

Use your existing SCCM 2012 consoleUse your existing SCCM console

After a seamless integration, you'll be using your existing console for patch management of third party applications being used previously for deploying other configurations to your desktops. Therefore, you need not learn about a new console.

Allows selection of applications in SCCM 2012Allows selection of applications

If you only want to patch significant applications, instead of all applications, PCP allows such provision of selection of applications inside the SCCM console. This makes the process of patching all the more convenient for the administrator.

No need to set up additional infrastructure to SCCM 2012No need to set up infrastructure

As you would've already have an infrastructure set up for SCCM, you wouldn't want to setup infrastructure for managing only third party patches. We allow you to do just that, by using SCCM infrastructure to patch these non-Microsoft applications too.

Out-of-the-box features for SCCM 2102Out-of-the-box features

Patch Connect Plus provides various out-of-the-box features to improve operational efficiency for the administrators. These features include patching of applications when they are not being used by clients, special patching for Java updates and sending notifications to customers on the satus of patches deployed.

Now integrate ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus with SCCM and enjoy all the benefits stated above.