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Makes SharePoint Management and Auditing Easy
  • Secure SharePoint servers. Audit component & security level changes
    Secure SharePoint servers. Audit component & security level changes

Auditing SharePoint Servers

Increased SharePoint adoption had resulted in businesses hosting most of its critical data on their SharePoint sites. With multiple users collaborating on the data simultaneously, ensuring security and integrity of the information that is hosted becomes crucial for SharePoint administrators. Though, SharePoint provides audit log reports that help in monitoring component level changes, these reports fall short when it comes to multiple SharePoint servers.

What every SharePoint administrator seeks is a comprehensive solution that can help audit and secure on-premises SharePoint environments from a single console.

SharePoint Manager Plus provides out-of-the-box reports that help in meeting your SharePoint auditing and security needs. The solution also allows you to automate the generation of reports through scheduling option and distribute the reports through emails.

Audit Component Level Changes


Site Collection Changes
SharePoint Manager Plus enables you to easily audit changes that had happened to site collections, sites, documents and lists of all SharePoint servers deployed in your network from a single central console. The solution provides instant out-of-the-box audit reports that give information on


  • Site collection, site, document, lists and list item changes - what was the change, who made the change, when it was made, and from which location it was made.
  • Document level changes - Critical document changes such as document creation, modification, and deletion.
  • Document status - Detailed document check-in and check-out information.

Audit Security Level Changes


Site Permission Changes
SharePoint Manager Plus provides out-of-the-box reports that help in effortlessly tracking security level changes such as group creation, modification and deletion, site wise user permission changes and more. The solution provides detailed security audit reports that gives information such as


  • List of groups created/modified - Who created/modified the group, from which location and when.
  • Unique permissions added - Type of item for which permission had been added, when was the permission added, and by whom.
  • Permission changes - When was the permission changed, to which item, and by whom.
  • New role created - who created, from where and when.
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