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SharePoint Office 365 Auditing Tool

SharePoint Office 365 lets you share critical data for collaboration both inside and outside your organization. But this means that your user access levels need to be defined and secure. However, enterprise environments are vast, which makes securing them an arduous task.

SharePoint Manager Plus makes it easy to enforce security and stay in control of your SharePoint online environment. You can even generate audit reports to keep you compliant and prevent security breaches.

Stay up to date on security and permissions-related activities

Added Users to Groups - SharePoint Online Auditing

Best practices for securing Office 365 environments are often overlooked. Permissions that need to be revoked are left unchanged, increasing risk. Audit reports generated with SharePoint Manager Plus let you track all security and permissions-related changes, as this data can be proof of a security breach in the environment.

  • Site permission changes: Track any modification made to a site’s permissions. You can also compare site permission levels before and after they have been modified.
  • Request for administrator privileges: View which users have requested administrator permissions for site collections.
  • Sharing policy changes: Enable or disable site sharing. Keep track of the sites that have sharing policies turned on or off.
  • User group changes: Track SharePoint Office 365 objects and groups that have been modified, deleted, or renamed. Monitor users who have been added to or removed from a group.

Audit your SharePoint Office 365 environment at every level

SharePoint Manager Plus offers component-level auditing as well, which means that granular audits of your Office 365 environment are simpler than ever. Look up audit changes separately for site collections and for sites. View audit changes made to any site collection such as creation, user addition or removal, and requests for administrator permissions. You can also view audit changes such as renaming sites and enabling RSS.

Get full overview of all changes made to your files and folders

Downloaded Files - SharePoint Online Auditing

Data breaches happen due to either human error or malicious intent. This means that it's crucial to monitor files and folders that contain sensitive information in order to secure your Office 365 environment. SharePoint Manager Plus lets you track all change events for any file in your environment. Monitor events including check in or out, copy, move, modify, rename, restore, download, upload, and delete.

Keep an eye on external users and their activities

With Office 365, you can easily collaborate on data with people outside of your organization, which can make critical data vulnerable to security attacks. SharePoint Manager Plus' external sharing audit reports let you monitor external users and the content they have access to. This information helps you manage their permission levels on sensitive data.

  • Shared invitations, files, and folders: Track changes such as creation, acceptance, or withdrawal of shared invitations, and revoke access to shared files or folders.
  • Anonymous links: Track users who have created, removed, updated, or used an anonymous link to a resource. Since anyone with this link has access to this resource without any kind of authentication, monitoring is a must.

Audit all security and permission changes in SharePoint Office 365

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