• ManageEngine Certification


  • How do I register for the ManageEngine certification exams?

    Click here to register

  • What are the levels, cost, passing score, number of questions, duration, validity and how are they conducted?

    Associate Level - $49, 60%, 40 questions, 60 minutes, valid for 1year, online

    Professional Level - $99, 70%, 50 questions, 60 minutes valid for 2 years, online

    Expert Level - $149, 70%, 60 questions, 90 minutes valid for 2 years, online

  • What expert can a participant become?

    Product Expert - Mastering one or many ManageEngine products

    Domain Expert - Mastering one or many ManageEngine domains (Please refer our programs page for our domains and their products)

    Solution Expert - Master our completed ManageEngine suite of products

  • What are the types of training, cost and duration and is training mandatory for certification?

    Onsite - $2999 (max of 5 participants) and 2 days

    Classroom - $999 (per participant) and 2 days

    Online - $499 (max of 5 participants) and 6 hours

    Training is not mandatory for certification, but training could help you to take the exams with ease.

  • How are incorrect answers scored on the exam? Do they deduct points from my score?

    The scoring system for the certification exams assigns points to each correct answer. Incorrect answers receive no points

  • How and when do I get my exam results?

    In most exams, results appear immediately after you complete the test.

  • Can I schedule my exam?

    Yes, you can schedule it by sending an email to certifications@manageengine.com

  • What happens if I don't pass my exam?

    You are allowed to retake the exam, and you must pay the certification charge for each retake. There is no limit on the number of retakes allowed

  • Is the certification program open to everyone?

    This certification is open to everyone except for Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria

  • Are there any prerequisites for taking the exams?

    Foundation Level - Basic product knowledge.

    Professional Level - How the product works and should have cleared the foundation level

    Expert Level - Should have cleared the professional level and we recommend you to have hands on experiences on the product

  • How many authorized training centers?

    USA - Austin, Texas | Pleasanton, California

    India - Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

  • What if I lose my certificate?

    Contact certifications@manageengine.com for a duplicate copy.

  • Is this an "open book" exam and do you provide mock exam?

    Yes, you can check the ManageEngine applications and tools for reference during the exam. However surfing Google is restricted. Yes, we do provide mock exam

  • What if I face an issue while taking up the exam?

    Contact certifications@manageengine.com.

    Phone: +1 408 916 9696 Ext: 1890 (or) +91 44-67447070 Ext: 1890


  • US : +1 888 720 9500
  • US : +1 800 443 6694
  • Intl : +1 925 924 9500
  • Aus : +1 800 631 268
  • UK : 0800 028 6590
  • CN : +86 400 660 8680