Security Hardening

This option enables you to view and configure, from a single location, various security-related settings that enhance product security. On the right side of the Security Hardening tab, a Product Security Hardening score based on the configuration of each security parameter that has been enabled is shown to help you comprehend how secure your ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus instance is.

The following configurations improve the security of RecoveryManager Plus.

  1. Enforce HTTPS: Establish a secure connection between the web browsers and the RecoveryManager Plus web server.
  2. Change Default Admin's Password: Changing the default password and using a strong one will strengthen the password of the Admin account, and ensure it is not compromised.
  3. Enforce Two-factor Authentication: Add an additional layer of security while logging in to RecoveryManager Plus. For more information on 2FA services available in RecoveryManager Plus, refer to this help document.
  4. Enable CAPTCHA: Configure CAPTCHA settings to apply after a specific number of invalid login attempts to help mitigate bot-based attacks.
  5. Block Invalid Login Attempts: Block a particular technician's account after a specific number of consecutive unsuccessful login attempts have been made.
  6. Enforce LDAP SSL: Set up an LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) connection to secure the information exchange between RecoveryManager Plus and the LDAP servers.

Steps to configure security hardening settings in RecoveryManager Plus:

  1. Login to RecoveryManager Plus console and navigate to the Admin tab.
  2. In the left pane, under General Settings, click Product Settings.
  3. Navigate to Security Hardening, and configure the respective security settings using the buttons available next to them.
  4. Enable the Don't show alerts even if the recommended settings are not configured option to hide alerts on security hardening, regardless of the state of the recommended settings.
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