Introduction to Workspaces and Tables

Introduction to workspaces and tables

What is a workspace?

ManageEngine Analytics Plus organizes all the information created into logical entities called Workspaces. A workspace is a logical grouping of data sets (stored in entities called Tables) and all the reports created over the same. The workspace also contains structural information on how the data (table) is organized and offers users ways for filtering, editing, and reporting on that data.

The user who creates a workspace is the owner/administrator of the workspace. Only the administrator can delete the workspace created by him/her. Also, he/she controls the access privileges of the workspace i.e., who can access, create reports, and edit data in the workspace.

ManageEngine Analytics Plus provides various options to create a workspace. The list of workspaces owned by you or shared with you will be listed on the home screen. You can choose the workspace to work from the listing in the home page.

Refer the Workspaces documentation to know more.

What is a table?

ManageEngine Analytics Plus stores all your tabular data/datasets in entities called Tables. A table contains a set of columns and actual data rows (similar to a spreadsheet). Each column has a name and a type (data type) associated with it.

A ManageEngine Analytics Plus workspace could contain a collection of tables. Two tables could be related to each other using lookup columns, thus enabling you to model a relational workspace (Refer Relating tables using Lookup columns). You can create any type of reports over these tables which contain the actual data.

Refer the Working with tables documentation to know more.

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