IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

Quick glance of IT asset management features in Endpoint Central MSP:

  • Detect and record complete hardware and software inventory
  • Periodically scan your clients' computers to have an up-to-date data
  • Manage software licenses and track software usage statistics
  • Group similar software and manage their licenses as a single software
  • Detect and auto-uninstall prohibited software
  • Set alerts for changes in hardware or software and receive automatic updates via email
  • Comprehensive one-click reports on hardware, software inventory, and licence compliance
  • Ability to create customized licenses according to client's requirements.

Top five advantages of using our IT asset management software are as follows:

  • Get a clearer picture of your IT infrastructure.
  • Our IT asset management feature offers a bird's-eye view and up-to-date data on all your IT assets, be they hardware or software. You can generate reports in an instant, such as a list of all the devices running Windows 10, or all the devices that have specific hardware (e.g. a monitor, HDD, or RAM).

  • Avoid costly non-compliance fines.
  • Organizations can end up paying hefty fines if they get caught using commercial applications without proper licenses. IT asset management software helps you keep track of all your commercial and non-commercial applications, along with their corresponding licenses, so you can seamlessly manage licenses and avoid any violations.

  • Improve productivity.
  • IT asset management software can help you track the usage of specific applications and ascertain whether your employees are spending too much time on non-work related applications.

  • Reduce security risks.
  • Track whether prohibited software is being used in your network. Automatically uninstall prohibited applications from computers or completely block the ability to launch such executables. Blacklist and whitelist applications according to the needs of your organizations and keep your network safe.

  • Set alerts.
  • You can set alerts for every IT asset-related issue. Adding or removing new hardware or software? Running out of warranty? License about to expire? Set up automated alerts for all these issues to give yourself some breathing room.

    IT asset management gives you a complete understanding of IT assets and their capabilities. Get granular details on maintenance requirements, life cycles, and more to tackle issues swiftly and improve operational efficiency.

Types of IT assets that can be managed by Endpoint Central MSP

There are several types of IT assets which an organization uses. Here are the two major types of IT assets:

  • Hardware asset
  • Devices such as laptops, desktops, servers, mobile devices, printers, usually fall under the hardware category of the IT assets.

  • Software asset
  • Licenses of commercial applications (Adobe, Microsoft Office suite, etc.), corporate applications meant to be used only for employees, corporate data in company owned devices, operating system (Windows) licenses, etc. fall under the software category.

Why is IT asset management important?

IT asset management is sometimes referred to as IT inventory management because it involves gathering detailed hardware and software inventory information which is then used to make business (ops) related decisions. ITAM is more than just gathering up-to-date IT asset data. It additionally includes customizing the captured data according to the needs of the organization, monitoring parameters (tracking of cracked commercial applications, warranties, licenses etc.), reporting, and using all such data to minimize risk, maximize returns, and improve security.

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