Remote Desktop Management Features


Endpoint Central MSP is an endpoint management software which provides MSPs the ability to remotely monitor and manage their clients' endpoints. Some of the major features of Endpoint Central MSP are as follows:

Automate patch deployment for over 850 first and third party applications. Test and roll back patches, track system health statuses, and more for Win, MacOS, and Linux systems.


Deploy software to clients' computers in a click. Support end-users with self-service portal through our remote desktop management software.


Track granular asset data for hardware and software, including asset usage. Set alerts for hardware or software changes, use of prohibited software, etc.


Our remote desktop management tool provides you a built-in remote control feature. Now troubleshoot remote PCs with the help of chat, video, audio, shortcuts, etc.


Reduce overhead costs with effective power management. Apply power schemes, shut down inactive computers, get system uptime report, and manage desktops remotely.


Restrict and control the usage of USB Devices in clients' network both at the user-level and at the computer-level through our remote desktop management tool.


With 50 pre-defined configurations and over 100s of scripts in the script repository, baseline and remotely manage desktops for any and all environments.


Along with over 130 out-of-the-box reports, you can also fully customise and create a new report according to your requirements.


Now you get all your remote desktop management features right in your smartphone. Download our native Android and iOS app now.


Define roles with selective privilege and delegate users to these roles for effective remote desktop management.


Integrate our remote desktop manager with ManageEngine's PSA to close tickets at lightning speed and meet your SLAs faster than ever.


Uninstall existing prohibited software from the network or completely block them from executing at the first place.

Mobile Device Management Features

Enroll devices manually, in bulk, or make users self-enroll their iOS or Android devices with two factor authentication.


Distribute both in-house and store apps to devices, remove/disable blacklisted apps, assign redemption codes for commercial apps, and more.


Using our remote desktop management tool, now create and configure policies and profiles for different departments/roles and associate them with appropriate groups.


Scan to fetch the details of installed apps, enforced restrictions, installed certificates and device hardware details.


Configure stringent security polices such as passcode, device lock, and more to protect corporate data from outside threats through our remote desktop management tool.  


Audit mobile devices with out-of-the-box reports such as rooted Devices, devices with blacklisted apps, etc.  

Integrations and Add-ons


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