Emotet malware

Originally developed as a banking trojan in 2014, Emotet malware was once described as the world's most dangerous malware. What makes this malware so perilous is that it is available for hire to cybercriminals, who can then use it to install other types of malware, like ransomware, onto the victim's computer.

Initially, Emotet lures victims via emails with malicious links or infected documents for delivering the malware. The installation begins if the victim opens the attachments or links in the email. Once installation starts, the malicious payload is retrieved from command-and-control servers run by the attackers.

Emotet avoids being detected by using a password-protected VBA project and obscure macros. It works the same way as operating system updates and can run seamlessly without anyone noticing. This allows attackers to easily install additional malware or steal user credentials.

This video talks about what Emotet malware is, how it spreads, and ways you can protect your network against it. Watch the video to learn more.


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