Qakbot malware

First discovered in 2007, Qakbot is widespread malware used for stealing information. However, in recent times, detection of Qakbot malware has been observed as a precursor to many devastating ransomware attacks, making it a critical threat to organizations.

Qakbot malware is generally delivered via emails with malicious links, malicious attachments, or embedded images with call-to-actions. This email-borne malware has a tendency to spread itself around by injesting malicious replies into the middle of existing mail threads or conversations via compromised accounts. Once a user clicks on one of the aforementioned attachments, a malicious payload gets executed.

Since the malware is so good at quoting the original message righ after sending the malicious reply, it can be difficult for the targets to recognize that replies they received are not from the original source.

This video talks about what Qakbot malware is, how Qakbot infects machines, and ways to avoid it.


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