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How to monitor spam in Microsoft 365

With the growing need for data security, Microsoft 365 spam reports and spam monitoring policies have become an undisputed necessity. M365 Manager Plus is a tool that offers granular details on various facets of spam such as – top spam recipients, top spammers, inbound/outbound spam mail and so on. M365 Manager Plus offers the following reports related to spam/malware:

  1. Top Spam Recipients,
  2. Top Malware Recipients,
  3. Spam Traffic Summary,
  4. Malware Detections, and
  5. Spam Detections.

Mail Traffic Summary Dashboard

To monitor spam using M365 Manager Plus, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to Reports tab.
  2. Go to Exchange Online list in the left pane.
  3. Select Mail Traffic Reports → Spam Detections or any of the other reports as per your need.
  4. Enter the Tenant, Domain, and Period of search.
  5. Click Generate Now.

This report gives the list of spam e-mails including details such as senders, receivers, subject of the mail, and so on. Besides the manual report generation steps mentioned above you can also schedule the reports to be generated and emailed to the respective stakeholders, in the format (PDF,CSV,XLSX or HTML) that you prefer, and at the configured intervals. Apart from this, in M365 Manager Plus you can add these reports as widgets to your dashboard to surveil the spam and malware activities.

Spam Detection Report

This is how M365 Manager Plus comes handy as a spam reporting tool. To learn more tips and tricks related to M365 Manager Plus, click here.


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